Amai chapter 2 release

If you are amazed that I am releasing another chapter fast, I am wondering how I did it lol.

As a side note, I decided to gather the sequel’s raw, which is up to volume 4 at the moment. When I looked at the 1st volume, I discovered there were 6 more chapters for this one lol. So this one has 486 chapters total.

With this release there will be 484 chapters left, so I was thinking of how long it would take to complete this if I released weekly and bi-weekly; the results were a little over 9 years and 16 years respectively. So if bento plains to complete this series, we have years ahead of us with just this lol.

So I don’t forget here is the chapter:

*side note: currently we are iffy on positions we need.

New Project: Amai Seikatsu ch 1 release

Well here is another release from Bento. I really have to stop releasing a few things in a short time, then nothing for a while…

Either way, here is the mangaupdate link

I struggled with myself about 3 months ago after Tommy asked if we would be willing to do it if he provided translations. After about a month of stalling for time i got al245 to help, 1 pages and 2.5 weeks afterwards i took over the whole thing to do… good thing the raws were in great condition.

-If you like this project and want faster releases (translations are already up to chapter 12), please visit forum and apply, message me at batoto, email me, visit irc, anything since there are 480 chapters…… wow there are 480 chapters and it took me 3 months to do chapter 1………………………… that will take me more than me life span at my current speed?!


Here is chapter, and thank you for reading my rant if you did :