Madan no Ou to Vanadis Chapter 9 release!

Welcome to the new forum and here is the link for it:

So enjoy your stay here. Also if you find anything which you think can be improved, either here or in forum, post it so i can attempt to fix it.

Also anyone want to guess where the credit page’s pic was taken (on the world)? *Location*

**Removed jpeg pages**


21 thoughts on “Madan no Ou to Vanadis Chapter 9 release!

  1. Thanks you, It’s so good to view Madan !
    Hope that you can Translate this mangas Because it’s very attractive (thinking a possible adaptation in anime [ But Denpa Kyoushi FIRRRSSSTTTTT :p ]
    So Continue in your translation and Gl for all Bento team !

    The french viewer which are so crazy for mangas that he Look it in En with a mass of Fault when he want to comment 😀

  2. Thanks for release, I really appreciate your work.
    Since this manga is so cool, and many people on the different forums says that the Light Novel is awesome!

    !Small Spoiler!: He becomes super awesome strong!

  3. Thank you for the release of this manga it a really good manga and hope Bento translation and its staff can continue to translate this. I was wondering if bento can post a rar file that have all the chapter up to this point available for download. it would be really great and thank you very much indadvanced.

  4. thanks for the chapter~
    credit page is somewhere in the phillipines (saw the flags)

    might wanna resize the photo a bit tho and save as jpg.
    you don’t want a 7MB credit page.

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