Ochitekita Ryuuou to Horobiyuku Majo no Kuchi Chapter 2 release

Well here is the second chapter of the series which is Not Safe For Work. So please be responsible when reading it.

The chapter: http://mir.cr/A5ETKMMV

Also if anyone wants to show off any pictures they took for us to use as credit pages please email me at, travinsingh17@gmail.com, or pm me on forum.


16 thoughts on “Ochitekita Ryuuou to Horobiyuku Majo no Kuchi Chapter 2 release

  1. Pardon me for being rude, but there are few mistakes.. I think.
    Someone asked me why there’s a word “daughters”
    The thing is, that the kanji used for daughters ” 娘(musume)” can also mean “maidens”, so probably the author meant the latter. On the page 16, where you have Harrigan saying “Yes it would be troublesome if she kicks…. and alerts the others to this man presence” is kinda wrong, cause in the raws you have “他の娘に男の存在を知られると困る” which I believe means sth close to “we’ll get in trouble if the man presence is revealed to others”
    Though it’s not that important, on page 18 Harrigan says that she’s amazed at how Naga can stay calm, but the connotation might be kinda misleading, as she’s quite fed up with his attitude..

    • With the daughter thing the tl decided he would use that since groups of witches were families.

      On pg 16, if someone kicks, it means wakes up. So basically if she wakes and alert the others.

      For pg 18, the translator put it as such, so yeah…

    • Hold on…with pg 16, “kick up” means “stir up”
      So it would mean “cause a commotion”

      I just woke an kind of sleepy…so sorry for that previous error.

      Also look on the character description page in the first chapter for the daughter thing.

  2. I think hachidori88 is correct.

    I’ve read the novel from which this manga is adapted, and it’s clear that Harrigan is treated like an elder sister by other girls.
    Though using ‘daughter’ isn’t that off the mark, but what she actually means by “娘(musume)” is ‘girls’.

    The thing is, although she uses ‘girls’ to mention ‘them’, but it does have a sense of intimacy or closeness if you really think about it.
    Like: My gaaals~~~ Yohoooo~~ I’m back~~~
    Using “girls” doesn’t necessarily mean that it lacks the sense of intimacy or closeness. It depends on the context.

    The sense of familiarity might not be clear when translating from Japanese to English, but yes, what she actually means is “girls” not “daughters”.

    P.S.: I know there are elder sisters who treat other young ones like their daughters, but that doesn’t apply in this case.
    Here “娘(musume)” is used just to show the intimacy level.
    It implies that Harrigan and those girls she’s talking about are really close to each other.

    P.P.S.: You don’t have to bother about it though. Like I said, using ‘daughter’ isn’t that off the mark.
    It’s just that using “daughter” won’t be the “actually” correct translation.

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