Madan no Ou to Vanadis Chapter 10 release

Well the wait is finally over…sorry for the long waiting period.

Here is the chapter:

I hope the next chapter will be out faster.


22 thoughts on “Madan no Ou to Vanadis Chapter 10 release

  1. Question on the translation of Tigre’s last name. I’ve seen it spelled many different ways, so I’m confused as to the proper spelling. P.S. since I read the LN on baka-tsuki, that may contribute to my confusion.

    • Well, it really hard convert name from japanese to latin or the other way.
      for the time being just think as european name spelling might be help since this manga setting is in Europe… thought I’m not european so I don’t know if it really correct. XD

      we wouldn’t know the correct one unless author put the latin name in the story or drawing, just like Zchted or Leitmeritz. (I didn’t even know zchted writed as zchted when I first read zcheted in japanese)
      and unfortunately we didn’t see latin name of tigre appeared yet.

      well, at least we tried so hard for the name, even spending several hours for it so it will looks just like it supposed to be. ^^

    • Proper transcription is “Vorun”, and full name is “Tiguruvurumudo Vorun”. Real transcription would differ depends on used language by author (if any) – for example, it can be Volun, Vorun, Waylan, Wielan, Völun, while in katakana it will be written the same “Vorun”. I would bet on german – “Tigllwurmth Wielan”.

      • hmm, I see in german that name written like that.
        so, are you a geman?

        well, we (the earlier translator) have considered that name too, but in the end we choose “voln”. (even she showed me list of possible name before choose that)

        but as I said before author is the one who would know the correct one. >_<

      • Actually Tigre’s name was written in Romaji on one of the early chapters (but only Tigre, not his full name), as were some of the country names. Otherwise, I would have never chosen “Tigre” as the spelling.

  2. I too am quite confused when it comes to borrowed words, especially those from unknown origin. The english sounding words ain’t that worse comparing with german/dutch/slavic ones, and those latter tends to be much inaccurate. Btw, I’ve noticed that the word “vampire” if borrowed, can be sometimes spelled either ヴァンパイア or パンパイア, quite confusing. I’d recommend japanese writers to put the original name in latin and put next to it a furigana..less confusion

    • but if you think about that, it is directed towards the japanese people, not out of country, due to that why would they write it in latin when the japanese people most likely know how to read it?

  3. Lol all this debate over Tigre’s last name, c’mon it shouldn’t be THAT big an issue, seriously. And thanx for the latest chapter, luv this series, hope it gets an anime.

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