Bento Scans’ First Anniversary

I am proudly announcing Bento’s first anniversary. I am actually amazed that we survived by how the year went by. For about a month Bento had no translator and we used the chapters we had to show we were still alive. Now we have 2 main translators, and 2 others (for a project each specifically).

Most people don’t know that Bento Scans was originally 13th Hour, but due to the leader disappearing most of the staff transferred over with a translator from there to Bento, but he is gone as well so i took over, and through out that time i have met many strange and interesting people. So thanks staff of Bento Scans I really appreciate all of your work.

Also as a bonus for Bento’s Anniversary the staff at Bento worked hard and we actually had a deadline to meet (Bento works on a whenever it is done standard) and everyone was able to meet it. So here are the releases.

Shirayukihime to 7-nin no Shuujin

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Ochitekita Ryuuou to Horobiyuku Majo no Kuni

Hone no Oto


Yes we are picking up Godseeker, and another few projects are also being picked up. Also the translator for “Not Lives” is back so we will be releasing that as well when we are able.

One last thing, thanks for all the support from the fans of the mangas we scanlate, and don’t forget to support the mangakas when their work is available in your region.

…Um…well…lastly Hone no Oto is done so that is one less project on our list for now lol.


40 thoughts on “Bento Scans’ First Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary and thanks for all the new chapters of course. And I was wondering what happened to 13th Hour, ah so that’s what happened.

    • Yup. Override was leader of 13th hour while Wallet (leader of bento) was his right hand man. Wallet took over 13th hour while Override disappeared for a few months, and we moved to a new site so override, if he would ever return (we weren’t sure but he actually did for a short time) wouldn’t have to pay to keep site. Then oddly enough 2 months after bento started, wallet disappeared. So i am now leader.

    • lol, that has actually been on the suggestion list for a long time (ever since i was in 13th hour) and someone finally got around to translating it lol.

  2. hi hi.

    Happy Anniversary!

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    by the way, 9th of August is also Singapore’s National Day, Co-incidentally~

  3. gratz on the anniversary and thanks for the chapters

    also protip: you can save pngs for under 1mb per image without really losing quality. coloured pages should be saved as jpgs.

  4. Congrats! And thanks for picking up Godseeker, series with scary loli characters, one can summon nuclear bomb-like magic, one got revenge in her mind (despite her bandit family deserve it), another one reveal to be a Red Queen of huge empire!

    • Well i usually make sure that proofs and typesets are always good while my cleans are mainly experienced so they alway do great jobs.

  5. Thank you for the chapters and congratulations on the first anniversary, and let this be the first of many to come \o/

    And thanks for all your work in Madan no Ou to Vanadis. This manga is great.

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