Ochitekita Ryuuou to Horobiyuku Majo no Kuni Chapter 5 release

Here is the next installment of Ochitekita. And with this release i bring you bad news, the next chapter will be released in Comic Flapper 2013-11 and not 2013-10 (which is the next one to come out)

So here is the current release and enjoy: http://mir.cr/FBRQSC0T


15 thoughts on “Ochitekita Ryuuou to Horobiyuku Majo no Kuni Chapter 5 release

    • Well it will really only be 1 month since the magazines are released oddly.

      2013-09 was released this month while 2013-10 will be released next month.
      So 2013-11, which contains chapter 6 of ochi, will be released in October.

        • lol well isn’t translating LN more of a pain since it would also have a lot more text per chapter?

          -If anyone does want to do it though, bento would be willing to help.

          • As someone who likes to read LN’s… I’m going to hope 🙂

            Well, normally it takes an anime/for the manga to catch on for someone to do it, even then that’s if you get lucky but one can hope!

            • lol well it is ususally a person who is able is too lazy to do it or busy with other things. So only time will tell if it gets picked up.

              -Also LNs are usually more of a pain to translate compared to mangas since there aren’t as many words lol.

              • Yeah, makes sense… On the other hand at least there aren’t any redraws to deal with ^_^

                You know if the next chapter is out early or late October in japan? (Before or after the 20th)

  1. Thanks much for introducing me to these series. Pity that the author didn’t start in ’08 or at least ’10.

    Again thanks for the series you’re involved in ❤

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