Bloomed In Action Final Release

After around 15 months of working on this project we are finally done with it. One of Bento’s original cleaners nicknamed Pound (aka BentoMonogatari) wanted to pick this up. So we did and at first we worked relatively quick for a lazy group, and then we slowed down after he left the group due to life… Well finally after all that time i can finally say it is off the list to do. And that it was an odd manga.

So thanks to all the people who worked on it, CherryTomato, BentoMonogatari, Ant, Al245, Chute, Photikx3 , Mucchi, Onnin, Pacman2, TheGreatEater, Symphony17, Watisit, Shinji,K, and the 2 redrawers from Usagi no Fansubs.

Also if bloomed in action ever comes to your region you should pick it up to help support the mangaka.

Here is the release:


4 thoughts on “Bloomed In Action Final Release

  1. It’s finished, but MAN was that an amazing ride. Thank you very much for translating this manga; it was absolutely fantastic with its mix of silliness, action, and outright sadism.

  2. This glorious ride has ended….Drat. Thanks for translating it!

    Oh, on page two, you use ‘Ryouko-san’, which I assume is supposed to be ‘Kyouko-san’ since Kyouko is used everwhere else?

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