Not Lives Chapter 8 version 1

Well there is still one spread (2 pages that are connected) that needs to be redrawn. It may be being redrawn but i unsure of its progress and am releasing it.

When it is redrawn i am going to release a version 2 for it.

Enjoy the chapter:


Extra Note: I forgot the credit page again… I will add do something about that in version 2 release


7 thoughts on “Not Lives Chapter 8 version 1

    • we won’t be dropping any of our projects unless all member lose all interest in them, and i can’t force them to continue, like with bloomed in action lol.

      • I’m glad that you have no intention of dropping it 🙂
        It’s just that Not Lives already had some very bad luck when it comes to that T_T

        • Lol, well bento has a very lazy leader who also likes the releases to be the best they can, so he checks them all before releasing. And due to the laziness delays them for weeks lol.

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