New Project: Amai Seikatsu ch 1 release

Well here is another release from Bento. I really have to stop releasing a few things in a short time, then nothing for a while…

Either way, here is the mangaupdate link

I struggled with myself about 3 months ago after Tommy asked if we would be willing to do it if he provided translations. After about a month of stalling for time i got al245 to help, 1 pages and 2.5 weeks afterwards i took over the whole thing to do… good thing the raws were in great condition.

-If you like this project and want faster releases (translations are already up to chapter 12), please visit forum and apply, message me at batoto, email me, visit irc, anything since there are 480 chapters…… wow there are 480 chapters and it took me 3 months to do chapter 1………………………… that will take me more than me life span at my current speed?!


Here is chapter, and thank you for reading my rant if you did :


9 thoughts on “New Project: Amai Seikatsu ch 1 release

  1. 480 chapters…LIES! You forgot S2 meaning 40 vols + 3 vols – 1 chapter = funfunfun. :3

    Anyway, it’s surprising to see someone pick this title up. I didn’t expect someone to have such tastes. It’s nice to see a group picking something else than the normal popular crap.

    Keep up the good work and I hope you get the people you need. ^^

    • taste? I just go with whatever i am able to lol. If i get translations for it why not. Also there are actual 4 volumes for the sequel.

        • I would force that onto someone else and attempt to avoid it at all costs.
          -Traps are the furthest i am willing to go.

          *hm… so i should change my thing to “i will do any manga if i have raws and translations, except for yaoi. Shounen-ai is an iffy area though, so depends on it’s content.”

    • thank you. Also i should update the chapter number from 479 left to include the 43 chapters from sequel. That would put it up to 522… I really need a special section for this manga lol.

  2. I have to say I’ve enjoy this first chapter and look forward to more of it. I do tend to enjoy the stuff that looks older then the stuff that is more common today. So thanks for the release.

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