Duel Release

Well after a few moments of depression for me over the past few days i have a chapter of Amai and EXE finished.

[release id=76]

!EXE21 || DDL || Reader


11 thoughts on “Duel Release

  1. I’ve come to thank you. This is the best new read I’ve had in a while (read as 1 year 7 months and 11 days).

    I’m sorry to hear about your hard time (read as ‘depression’). Personally, my pick me up for such an occasion is http://imgur.com/gallery.

    Again thank you for your efforts. Amai Seikatsu is fun to read.

    • My hard time was literally right when i was about finished with a chapter i couldn’t due to 1 redraw needed as well as 1 line of translations.
      *i originally typesetted EXEcutional to discover there was a line missing and redraw needed. So i decided i will typeset amai, only to discover the exact same thing happened lol.

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