Amai Ch 9 Release

Well with the last release of Amai, which was only 2 days ago i saw an interesting comment about Amai. Also due to me only checking the last 2 chapters of Amai i felt the need to do it myself again lol. Well enjoy the release.

[release id= 83]


7 thoughts on “Amai Ch 9 Release

  1. Do you need any help with cleaning or editing this project? I’m not any pro with editing or sth, but I think I could help you to release this stunning project, hm? I could even help with simpliest things like cleaning the bubbles or sth like that.
    And thank you for the chapter!

    • Well the cleaning of this project is really just text removing. So its not tough or anything because of how good the raws are. Also by how i am even with my current (if i release weekly, which i seem to be off from original timing, and now releasing a little faster, but still saying if i release weekly) i would be done in 9 years 10 weeks. And also i am already 5 pages in of next chapter.

  2. Hi, thanks for the release !! I want to know if there will be some release for Madan no Ou to Vanadis (Senki) and Ochitekita Ryuu Ou. Good Luck !!

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