Crown Princess Release

Well due to college, playing pc games, and well… just slacking in general I have pushed checking Amai chapter 13 for a bit… When i complete my homework (or get a good deal of it done today) I shall check over that and probably release it tomorrow.

Well now to talk about the manhwa I am actually gonna release; Enjoy the chapter.
[release id= 100]

Well I decided to finally collect the files for chapter 1 and 2 for Crown Princess Project and add them to Bento’s reader.
Here are download files and other usual stuff with releases.
[release id=101]
[release id=102]


4 thoughts on “Crown Princess Release

  1. Thanks a lot for the awesome release! Currently, Crown Princess Project has piqued my interest greatly, so I am really excited.Really loving it right now!

  2. Excuse me, sorry to barge in. I want to know if there’s a new release from this manga. I like to read it. It’s been 1 year since I read the last chapter.

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