Amai Ch 22 Release

I know this is late compared to my plan… Well I am recruiting again. I need an experienced cleaner and also possibly a typesetter. If I get another translator though the number of staff needed will probably change.

And here is chapter:
[release id = 137]


10 thoughts on “Amai Ch 22 Release

    • 2 things. first is i already have all the volumes of amai in good quality. And 2nd you forgot about the last 6 chapters which are in amai season 2.
      But thanks for the offer.

        • o u guys have transleted text for chapters from 22 up if u do could u send it to me somehowe then i would typeset them myself to read them becouse i dont know japanese

  1. your cleaner test doesn’t download, most just give errors> file not found

    or in the case of megashares >
    Link Information:
    Invalid link.
    Possible reasons:
    Link was removed due to violation of our TOS.
    Link was in violation of copyright laws or other.

  2. Sorry for the long delay with the test (really should set them all up again lol.) You need to go to irc though to get it and use this command: /msg [Bento] xdcc send #126
    and you must be using a client not web browser to get file.

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