History Of Bento Scans (and Ravin)

Bento Scans has a history in a few groups before it could exists. In December of 2011 was where it all began. I had join a new group called “The Mysterious Kingdom Scans” as a proofreader. The group never released anything and died for reasons still unknown to me. A member who was a part of The Mysterious Kingdom was OverRide.
After The Mysterious Kingdom died, he made 13th Hour Scans. I joined him after debating if i wanted to try scanlations. During that time Wallet joined 13th Hour and became our main translator. We all worked together, and I learned how to be a typesetter from Mu~ and Goldhammer. One issue though was that OverRide started going MIA, and for 2 months or a little more he was not seen or heard by any of the staff. We had continued like usual because we had a excel doc in our cloud storage and were able to work efficiently. But Wallet realized our site was going to expire soon, so we decided to move our group to another place so OverRide, who wasn’t active, wouldn’t need to keep paying for the site. Well OverRide came back around a week before we were going to do that plan, and decided to make a new group because having a leader who would go MIA was annoying…
Bento Scans was made around the end of the 1st week of August of 2012… but I forget exactly what day so deemed it the 9th. Some staff slowly retired from 13th Hour and moved to Bento Scans and Override made one last statement about Wallet before everyone who shifted to Bento were done, which was that Wallet wouldn’t last a few months as a leader in Scanlations… Sadly it was true… Wallet went MIA during October of 2012. A few months later we lost CherryTomato, who was our main translator, as well as Candycane. So Bento’s fate was not know, all we had were a few chapters of backlogs, Ant had learned to translate and we also gained a japanese translator. So our “depression” ended, and with the backlogs I was able to mask it up to a point where I am wondering how long it actually was…
Also I discovered that I was able to re-gain access into 13th Hour’s dropbox folder, and took 2 projects, Tengoku and Parabellum, which had translations. We will do those projects till those translations are done and then drop them unless a translator wants to do them and sends us translations.


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