Staff List


Ravin (Proofreader & Typesetter)


Photikx3 (Cleaner)


Gamma_x (Japanese Translator)

Watisit (Japanese Translator)

Neko5 (Japanese Translator)

Myxoma (Thai Translator & Raw Provider)

Shinyman (Thai Translator)

otamega (Editor)

Oninn (Typesetter)

Mirajane (Typesetter)

zp92 (Typesetter)

Sneez (Typesetter)

Jenneke (Proofreader)

Al245 (Cleaner)

Shally (cleaner)

LethalzX (Redrawer)

Savino (Redrawer)


82 thoughts on “Staff List

    • sure that would help a lot.
      *main thing we would need is a dedicated translator for the project.
      -other positions can easily be shifted among people.

      -also why not register to forum and we continue this conversation there?

    • if you guys are willing to translate, and if i depending on how my tl responds to your tls (if they are not too good i may force a tl of ours to check it before we move the script to proofing stage) but i believe we would be willing to do the series.
      *Our main issue is lack of translators lol, so with your guys help (maybe) we can handle another project, i was thinking of releasing first vol since you guys already translated it and put the project on hold.
      –Also i could care less about speed lol. Watisit translates about a chapter or 2 a month, while gamma_x…i forget when the last chapter he tled was, but he is still active.
      —Bento even had a lack of tls for about 3 months a year ago.

      —-Realized i wrote too much XD

    • It depends on the raws we get that make cleaning easier and harder. The raws i have to ….the manga you and your friend i forgot name lol… give me about 2 weeks and i will remember it or give it a short name. Well the raws for it are high quality, while the one ant showed you were medium quality. most online raws are medium or low quality though.

    • it never was alive… attempts to bring it to live failed…
      Most people never set foot in the forum for bento…

      -I may put download links in forum and make the area members only, but then there would be hundreds of useless accounts…
      Also it would be a pain to the members there…

      —The final note is, why am i allowing Tommy and now others to make conversations here?! This is the staff list… I am weak to conversations though…

        • Well i may be able to but i am too lazy to discover where. And there could actually be relevant comment about the staff.
          an example is me forgetting to add someone to list.

          -Also now that i think of it, the conversation with tommy would fit if it was under the project tab.

          • Twerk around with the settings and check what each thing does if you don’t know what it does or just change the things; like switch the tab and information around instead.

            -Well, its a bit late now to change the tab, but like what I suggested on this post above, you can change it. Do more work to change the things around. But then the other posts are going to stay there…well I guess you can try twerking somethings on the settings.

    • well i got how you did a day or 2 back and my translator watisit says that it looks okay, as long as bento has a proofreader checks everything we should be good.

    • okay, also i must mention this, after all of the talking we were doing before your english went downhill. Also Watisit wants to know how you like his tl check/

    • welli i have a cleaner who is learning to typeset work on it but at the moment he is being slow, and the raws are in great condition so there isn’t much work to worry about.

    • lol, well actually when you send it to me i immediately upload it to bento’s drive, the main thing is me stalling typesetting due to my homework from college…

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